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Visit from an Oracle

Visit from an Oracle

I have recently been experiencing waves of anxiety unfamiliar to me. Andrew was gone for about six weeks for work in which I was alone on the plot. During this time I saw many-a-bear and coyotes. But it wasn’t the wildlife I was worried about it was people. I was experiencing fears of what I might do if someone wandered onto our property while I was alone. I spiraled and realized I had never had to worry about this (at least consciously) until now. I had always lived with my parents, in the suburbs or within running distance of a neighbor. But I was isolated here and suddenly reminded of my fragility and/or lack of plans or preparedness for situations like stranger danger.

The night of Andrews return from his trip I suggested we do an oracale card reading. A new month was upon us, I felt the call to gain some insight.

The first card I pulled was called “Guardian Angel” It said “you are safe. Trust that at all times the universe and your angels are looking out for you.” I was immediately emotional as this resented with the above mentioned anxieties. The card also said “watch for signs especially in the form of feathers.”

The next morning I woke up in a funk. Riddled again with anxiety, feeling emotionally conflicted. During our first cup of coffee I was stopped mid-sentence by motion in the corner of my eye. I looked out the window and saw a chicken. We watched in awe and confusion as she passed through our yard and into the brush. We giggled, went outside to have a look and went on with our day. Feathers….I thought….

A few hours later she passed through again. We had another giggle, I snapped a blurry photo and posted it on my local lost pets group. We live in the woods, we have no neighbors and have never seen chickens here before, my thought was she had to have been chased here or dumped. No one claimed her on the lost pets group and all we could do was wish her luck as there are many predators in the brush.

The next morning I sat up, looked straight out my window and saw her grazing on the clover near our fire pit. I woke Andrew “there she is!” It was a peaceful sight to see upon waking up and we both watched her while we drank our coffee. She stayed around that entire day, eating bugs, berries and grass. She was wear of us approaching her but didn’t seem like she had plans of leaving.

The next morning I sat up and saw her again. Another peaceful morning chicken watching. I could get used to this I thought. That evening while Andrew and I admired the sunset she approached me. I kneeled down and held out my hand, she proceeded to peck at my rings. She approached Andrew soon after and within the hour I was holding her. We felt her magic and fell in love. She slept in Andrews workshop/shed that night and we made plans to build her a raised nesting box the following day.

We made a roost/box out of plywood and galvanized siding and placed her in it. It was quickly apparent she had zero interest in it and insisted on sleeping in the shed. So much so that anytime we walked towards the shed she would run our way. Unfortunately the inside of the shed isn’t an option for her but she makes the rules and has since slept on top of it every single night. At sunrise she hops down from the shed and cozy’s up behind our heads, just outside our window. Each morning I wake up and look at her.

Our new mantra quickly became “There’s a chicken!?” Three words that embody a reminder that I am safe, smart and at times taking life too seriously. We will be outside working, hear her cluck and giggle. I will feel uneasy and catch a glimpse of her beautiful copper feathers and remember to trust myself and the universe. She is my guardian angel.

And it truly is making more sense each day. Sometimes signs are subtle and take work and openness to see and acknowledge. And sometimes they come clucking, covered in copper feathers right into your life. We are so blessed to have such a strange traveler adopt us and even more blessed to have her daily lessons.



Wild Foraged Fireweed Flower Essence

Wild Foraged Fireweed Flower Essence