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Honeysuckle Healing

Honeysuckle Healing


The Spring and Summer flora discoveries continue!

It seems nearly every morning I wake up to a new bloom. Last week I discovered three elderberry trees and a big honeysuckle vine. I collected a basket of honeysuckle, narrow leaf plantain, alpine roses, white clover and alpine clover. I mixed the roses and plantain in a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil to infuse in the sunlight for 8 weeks. I’ll use it to make a skin and wound salve soon after it’s done. I mixed the honeysuckle, clover, rose and some ginger I had in another jar and filled it with 80 proof vodka to create a lovely tincture (in about 6 weeks). And lastly I filled one entire jar with just honeysuckle and vodka. I am so excited to live in a place that allows me to source these wild edibles. Game changer. I will most likely offer a few of these creations come mid Summer on my etsy!


I also recently had to honor of shooting the cover for a wonderful book Feast. Fast. Flourish.

It was so much fun to take food photography to the next level and to collaborate with someone who has been a true mentor in my transition to a ketogenic + intermittent fasting lifestyle.



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