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Welcoming Community

Welcoming Community

I'm writing you from my local library where I now source wifi. I moved to a small coastal town where I am homesteading. I am beginning to explore the local area and tap into my new community. I'm truly enjoying this beautiful transition as it's been long dreamt of. Many of the conveniences of suburban living are quickly becoming apparent... Things like the internet, whole/organic foods, recycling centers and more are difficult to find but create a sense of adventure and gratitude when discovered. I am happily exchanging comforts for this new and neighborless peace and quiet. I am studying all the flora in my yard and hope to begin experimenting with wild edible plants soon.

None of this would be possible without your love and support. This time last year I quit my job and took Earth Habit on full time. It was terrifying but I knew I had to completely let go and jump in to fully birth my dreams. While EH is very much still a new and growing business it has allowed me to learn, create, share, help and heal. You, the reader are the inspiration and core of this baby empire. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

When I took the leap last Spring I stepped away from social media so that I could channel all of my energy and focus into Earth Habit. However, now that I have some sense of what I'm doing, I'm going to syphon some of that energy back into communicating and sharing (via instagram, youtube and here). I'm a bit out of practice but very excited to re-open those doors between us.

For those that are new here, hello! My name is Sora. I'm an (almost) 29 year old woman from Oregon. You can follow my daily life/take a peek behind the products on instagram: @sora.blu or @earth.habit — I'm so happy to have you here!

If you feel called to please know you can always e-mail me or reach out via any social media(s) of mine to inquire, ask, share. I am always open to how I can better serve and support my community. You are always hearing directly from me as EH is a one woman show.

Love & Gratitude


Foraging & Cooking with Spruce Tips

Foraging & Cooking with Spruce Tips